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Small Seismic Transponder





The Type 8035 Small Seismic Transponder (SST) has been specifically designed for Ocean Bottom Seismic operations, where high-performance, small-size, low-cost, low-current and rugged design are important operational factors.

Depth rated to 1,000 metres, the SST can be used with most makes of USBL system but offers additional benefits when working with Sonardyne's successful 'Fusion' technology. As these systems measure both range and bearing, only one overhead pass is required to position the transponder instead of the two passes currently required for range-only transponder systems. This results in considerable savings in vessel time and introduces a new standard of efficiency to seismic operations.

Another feature of the transponder is its programming flexibility. Any one of 410 addresses and 16 reply channels, providing 6560 identities, can be programmed using a Type 8037 MF Command Unit. This lends itself to the marking of seismic cables and other applications demanding dense coverage.

The SST can also be used as a permanent long-life marker transponder, or a small, low-cost USBL tracking beacon for small ROVs.


Technical Specifications

Feature Type 8035
Depth Rating 1,000 Metres
Operating Range Frequency 
MF (21-32kHz)

Transmit Source Level

185-190dB re 1µPa @1m
Receive Sensitivity 100-105dB re 1µPa
Interrogation Address Programmable 1 to 410
Reply Channels
Programmable 1 to 16
Switch On Continuously Listening
Quiescent Life 12 months Alkaline
Mechanical Construction Plastic and Steel
Dimensions (LxDia) 350mm (13.78”) X 63mm (2.48”)
Weight in Air 1.23kg
Weight in Water 0.24kg


Features :-

  • One pass positioning saves vessel time
  • Programmable to one of 410 addresses and 16 reply channels, providing unique 6560 identities
  • Compatible with MF frequency USBL systems
  • Alkaline battery packs give at least 1 year listening life
  • Depth rated to 1,000 Metres
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Acoustic ranges up to 1,500 Metres
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